yabby you

Born: 14 aug 1946
Died: 10 jan 2010

The reggae community has been hit with another tragedy as Vivian Jackson, better known
as Yabby You, passed away of a head stroke on Tuesday (january 12, 2010) at the age of 63.
Throughout his illustrious roots career, Jackson defined himself by his iconoclastic
behavior–and iconic music. While his peers were all of devout Rastafarian faith,
Yabby accepted the lifestyle, but rejected the creed, opting instead for a strong Christian
faith that eventually earned him the nickname “Dread Jesus.”
After struggling with health problems exacerbated by the dire poverty he mired in throughout his youth, Yabby eventually came to Kingston where he found reggae. His first album, ‘Conquering Lion,’ is widely regarded as nothing short of a masterpiece, a dark work that somehow strikes a precarious balance between traditional reggae tropes and the artist’s own religiosity.And his ‘Jesus Dread (1972-1977)’ compendium is now a must have for any reggae fan’s shelf.
Yabby You was, if nothing else, unique. Unquestionably, he will be missed.

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