Vybz Kartel: the real truth?

02 NOV,2011

The present charge against Vybez Kartel that stemmed from the murder in Havendale only added to the previous investigation, and charges the police had as they had other evidence of crimes committed allegedly by Kartel.

The young men working for Kartel were part of a street gang that allegedly worked in his operations that facilitated the movement of drugs allegedly from Jamaica to Haiti. These young men were “street boys”, somewhat detached from family members or were desperate for money.
If not privileged with travel documents before , they allegedly got them through the connections Kartel had. After obtaining the documents, their passports had
to be turned over and kept by him.

Kartel is a known manipulator and was said to have kept abreast of his manipulation by reading books about those who seemed to have mastered the art. This became an obsession and people who were drawn to him , did so, but subconsciously not knowing how or why.

One of his chief manipulative practices was blackmail, through recording. Young men and women with whom he thought there was too much to lose, were recorded secretly and then allegedly shown these recordings at a later time.
On the afternoon of the Havendale killing, it was said that Kartel had allegedly given instructions to two young men on a hit that they had to carry out on one of the men who had worked for him.
It is alleged that Kartel got nervous because the police had picked up this young man and had questioned him. The young man was aid to have been of no help to the police as he did not supply them with the information they needed about Kartel. He was released.

Upon his release he reported back to Kartel that the police had brought him in for questioning but reassured him that he did not say anything . Unknown to the young man, this did little to reassure him and it is alleged that Kartel thought it better to have him out of the way and allegedly a price was put on him.
The young men that were ordered to do this did not carry out his orders and were convinced to return to Havendale. (As previously reported by me, Kartel had missing guns, this is a correction as this was not the case). Both young men were placed in separate rooms and Clive Williams aka Lizard was killed.

It is said that the young man who got away is known as “-“. — got away by jumping over the fence surrounding the compound with Kartel and another young man in pursuit, to no avail. Kartel was subsequently bitten by his pitbull, which was later stabbed to death by him. As reported, he went to St. Andrew’s hospital where he sought medical attention.
During the production of Kartel’s reality series it is alleged that he spoke about being bitten by his dog. The police was also said to have taken this information in as evidence.

As reported by a leading Jamaican media source, Kartel seemed surprised about the latest charge as the police are said to not be in possession of a body, but he is said to have been charged on other evidence and testimony.
Kartel is reported to have teamed up with well known funeral parlor owner , on Maxfield Ave.,. This gentleman can be seen in a few pictures with him (Details will be released at a later date). The funeral parlor owner is said to have allegedly to have been paid to cremate the bodies of the victims whenever there was one. Blood and brain matter were what were found on the property in Havendale which have been used in this latest charge.
(Source: http://jamaicangroupiemet.com
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