Vybz Kartel Says “they want me imprisoned long time”

13 MARCH,2012

Embattled Dancehall superstar, Adidja Palmer, more popularly known as Vybz Kartel continues to find expressive ways of proclaiming his innocence as he languishes behind bars.

Last week, the Jamaica Gleaner published part one of Kartel’s letter to University of the West Indies professor, Carolyn Cooper in which he detailed his thoughts and experiences since being taken into custody last September. In the letter, the Portmore Empire deejay, who faces murder, drug and obstruction of justice related charges, accused law enforcement officials of perpetrating a demonizing image of him to the mainstream while conceding that he may never get a fair trial in his cases given that the public has already convicted him for his alleged actions.

Three days later, Kartel, through his publishers, issued three excerpts from his debut book, Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto, furthering his claims of innocence while aiming to distinguish his controversial on stage persona from his off stage demeanor.

On Sunday, the Gleaner published part two of Kartel’s letter as well as an attached poem relaying feelings on his current legal predicament. The conclusion of Kartel’s letter followed a reply by Carolyn Cooper, who dispelled perceived notions of a friendship between herself and the self-professed ‘Worl’ Boss,’ while expressing her belief that the artiste will receive a fair trial. She also stated that Kartel’s lecture at UWI last March, entitled Pretty Like a Colouring Book: My Life and My Art has been published in the Jamaica Journal. Furthermore, Cooper talked of the prominent deejay’s proposal to award the Adidja Palmer Prize to the top student in her Reggae Poetry course; a proposal that’s since been shelved given the serious nature of Kartel’s charges.

Kartel’s conclusion stated in part, “In closing I would like to let the people know that I am an innocent man and I have faith in my lawyers and know that I will be acquitted.”

Following his letter was the attached poem which read as follows:
The police have found me guilty and I haven’t gone to trial yet,
But they spread propaganda on T.V. & internet
Dem a beat it in the people’s mind that I’m guilty and deserve death,
But the public knows how the police operate, so mi nah fret.
So many people in court for allegedly taking 4, 5, 6 pickney life,
So how they don’t discuss that on ‘CVM at Sunrise’?
Allegations of extrajudicial killings by security forces have already been issue,
But I’ve never seen them on TV. so much, talking about that, did you?
Me never kill nobody yet but they say my music breeds crime,
That’s why they’re on my case they want me imprisoned long time.
I am an artiste so I know things will make the news,
But don’t crusade this ungodly way to distort people’s views.
Mi swear my innocence before all mankind and God,
Why would I risk going to jail, leaving behind 7 children, after mi nuh mad.
I am not the first man the romans soldiers have sacrificed,
Like me, that man was not guilty, That man was Jesus Christ.

Read the full editorial by Carolyn Cooper here: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20120311/cleisure/cleisure3.html