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Vybz Kartel book release: Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto

11 MARCH,2012

As seen from the letter written to Dr. Cooper, Adidja Palmer’s greatest concern about being held without bail thus far is not the affect on his career or the financial losses he is enduring; instead, he is truly concerned about the effect that the situation has on his family. .

Whereas Vybz Kartel’s motto is “Gaza for Life,” Adidja Palmer’s motto is “family first.” In his first book, he wrote his feelings about his mother and parenting – thoughts he has wanted to share with ghetto youths for some time now; so he placed them in his book – Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto.

When asked through a third party what message he wanted to send out, Kartel asked that we release the following excerpts from his book as his message to his fans, his mother and his family in that order. He never wanted to issue a new message as he wants people to see the man he was before incarceration in the words he wrote years ago.

Despite many challenges and missed publishing dates for obvious reasons, the publishers of Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto think that the Jamaican people need to know the Adidja Palmer that is on trial and not convict him through their dislike for a controversial DJ named Vybz Kartel.

These excerpts were written long before any of the alleged incidents Kartel is charged with occurred. These excerpts he wrote before May 2011 and included them in an official statement released by him that same month.

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