Tommy Lee gets support on social media – artiste releases five videos within two months

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sting6Tommy-LeeDancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta recently featured American rapper Wacka Flocka in his music video, ‘We Got Food’.

The video was released as a part of the deejay’s ongoing music video campaign, which saw him releasing five in less than two months.

In a recent interview with The weekend STAR, Tommy Lee Sparta expressed that he was not getting the desired support from local radio, therefore, he would direct much of his focus to social media.

“Mi nah get nuh support pan radio, enuh; dem nah play mi tune dem, suh mi a concentrate pon YouTube and Facebook because the youth dem always a support my music. People nuh mek dem fool unno, mi thing still tun up … mi song dem inna Grand Theft Auto, desso mi thing deh,” he said.

The deejay has more than 220,000 likes on his Facebook page and his YouTube views are in the millions.

We Got Food received over 8,000 views in 24 hours. Last week’s music-video release, Pat It Up, received more than 100,000 views in one week.

The deejay also released videos for Whine Up and Nuh Ramp Wid Mi Food. Both have been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. The deejay also verified his YouTube account by subscribing to a VEVO channel, which will collect royalties on his behalf for views.

Wacka Flocka can been seen in the video dancing chanting the lines “We got food we got food, girls see mi money and acting rude”.

The Billboard-charting rapper is known for hits such as Hard In Da Paint, No Hands, featuring Wale and Roscoe Dash and Oh Lets Do It featuring P Diddy and Rick Ross.

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