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the reasons why Vybz Kartel’s sentencing is postponed to april 3th

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Justice Lennox Campbell, the judge who presided at the Vybz Kartel murder trial has put off sentencing until April 3.

Campbell made the pronouncement in the Home Circuit Court a short while ago.

At that time, the lawyers representing Kartel and his three co-accused are expected to provide certain information to help in the sentencing.

Campbell said that he had sent a letter to the defence lawyers requesting certain information regarding the convicts, however he is yet to get the information.

The judge said he wanted to find out if someone with artistic talent like Kartel is allowed to continue producing music while in prison.

He wanted to know if there was such allowances if he could make an order for the proceeds of the recordings to go towards the estate of the deceased.

However, the defence lawyers say they did not get the letter from the court making the request.

And this morning when Tavares-Finson was making his submission in relation to Kartel, he mentioned that the Director of Public is now trying to change the protocol in relation to the handling of evidence in her office.

However, Llewellyn told the court that she said no such thing.

She also denied claims by Tavares-Finson that she would be launching an investigation into the conduct of the investigators in the Kartel case.