The Gregory Isaacs Foundation recently presented gift packages of several clothing and food items to children’s home, Walker’s Place of Safety in Kingston.

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This is one of several charities to which the foundation of the late entertainer, dubbed the Cool Ruler, has been contributing since the early 1980s.

“This charity was started by Gregory [Isaacs] and we are following through. We’re always on a collection drive. These stuff were brought from abroad,” June Isaacs, widow of the lovers’ rock artiste told the Jamaica Observer.

Grace Allen, manager for the Walker’s Place of Safety, expressed appreciation for the gift packages from the foundation.



“It’s a blessings. It’s a yearly thing that the children enjoy, so we look forward to it each year.”

Supervisor/caregiver Stephane McKenzie also welcomed the gesture by the Gregory Isaacs Foundation. “We are extremely grateful for this presentation and the children will enjoy it. We should have a lot more people like these and Jamaica would be a much better place,” she said.

Started in 1972 by Ivey Walker, the Walker’s Place of Safety is home for 41 children.

Mrs Isaacs also disclosed that in November, which is being observed as Drug Awareness Month, Gregory Isaacs’ message of “Don’t Do What I Do: Stay Off Drugs” will be aimed at the youth.

“We are in collaboration with the National Council on Drug Abuse, and there will be two ambassadors, QQ and Asante Amen. They will be taking Gregory’s message into schools and talking to students about the dangers of drug abuse as well as performing. QQ is part of the family. He used to spend a lot of time around Gregory and Asante [Amen] used to be managed by my Cool June Management company,” she told the Observer.

Known for songs including Night Nurse, Soon Forward, and My Number One, Gregory Isaacs was a prolific reggae singer. He died in London on October 25, 2010.

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