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Surinamese women’s group wants Alkaline banned from the country

The Women’s Parliament Forum (VPF) wants Alkaline to face the music for mistreating a dancer.

The Jamaican dancehall star performed in Flamboyant Park in Paramaribo on September 26, headlining the Back to School concert.

During his performance, he attempted to dance with a Surinamese dancer who was onstage. She moved away, prompting the artiste to forcefully grab her for a second attempt. The dancer again moved away, after which Alkaline demanded her removal from the stage, encouraging the crowd to chant for her dismissal. You can see video of the incident here.

The VPF finds it unfortunate that Alkaline has yet to offer a public apology for the incident. They believe that he has treated the young woman with great disrespect. The lack of action following the incident displeases the group. The public silence resounds loudly as approval for the disrespectful behavior.

The VPF believes that the boundaries that women set need to be respected and that violent responses to such boundaries are very troubling. They say that Alkaline behaved as if the woman had violated him by refusing a dance when it is he that actually violated her with his brutish response.

They call upon the Minister of Justice and Police, Jennifer van Dijk-Silos, to instruct police to react forcefully in such cases. They also want the unrepentant Alkaline banned from the country.

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