Sunshine for Kartel?:Blood found at Vybz Kartel’s house not confirmed as victim’s

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — Government forensic scientist Sharon Bryson testified in the Kartel murder trial Wednesday that blood taken from the entertainer’s house was in fact human and that it belonged to a male.

However, she said that she was unable to say that the blood belonged to Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

Bryson said that a swab was taken from a man supposed to be Williams’ uncle but the DNA samples did not match.

She explained that Williams and the uncle were not related from the father’s side of the family.

Under cross-examination by defence attorney Tom Tavares-Finson Bryson said that if it was said by the police that William’s blood was found at the Kartel’s house that information would not have come from her.

Kartel, and four co-accused, are on trial for the murder of Williams, believed to have been committed at Kartel’s Havendale house in 2011.

–Paul Henry

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