sting organizers launch probe on recent violent ending of concert

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SUPREME Promotions, promoters of Sting, has launched a probe into the events which led to a premature end to the Boxing Day staging held at JamWorld Entertainment Complex in Portmore.

Isaiah Laing, CEO of Supreme Promotions, expressed regret about the unforeseen violent incidents that occurred at the end of what he called “a very successful show”.

“Supreme is aware of the incidents that took place backstage and the incident in the general admission area. We are investigating the reports in conjunction with the police, and as soon as we have further information, we will provide the information to the public,” a statement to the media read in part yesterday.

In speaking with the Jamaica Observer, the CEO said despite their best efforts, it is hard to prevent such melees occurring at the popular dancehall event.

“We don’t allow bottles into our event. So if there were bottles inside the venue, they were smuggled in by vendors and other persons. Supreme took over operation of the bar this year and we ensured that no bottles left our bars, but that didn’t stop vendors and patrons from smuggling some into JamWorld. But it must be said that it was stones which were thrown during the stampede,” he said.

Laing said it is difficult to plan for the problems which crop up.

“Every Sting is different. Each year has it own problems and challenges and every hour there is a different challenge. So in looking at the year past, we are not always able to prevent what happened in order to prepare for the coming year. One of the stampedes this year happened when Gully Bop exited the stage and people were just excited and wanted to see him leave the venue. What can we do about that?” he questioned.

The former-detective-cum-promoter said during one of these disturbances a private firearm holder fired a warning shot.

“Not a good idea, and this set off more panic. Following this, firecrackers were also mistaken for gunshots and this led to more disturbances,” Laing continued.

Laing said, however, Supreme Promotions is committed to staging the event for years to come, especially in light of the considerable financial spin-off it offers.

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