Stein’s Father Fada Style goes into Music!!

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MARCH 28TH,2013

Alliance dancehall artiste Stein is being joined by his father, 55-year-old Phillip Leeking, in the music business.

Leeking performs under the name Fada Style, says Stein received his musical gifts from him.

“Mi have whol’ heap a tune, but more time mi jus stress out because of how things stay. Been doing music from mi eye deh a mi knee, but dah youth ya just motivate me now fi tek it up back as a bigger man fi him. I have two sons, Stein is one of them, the other one is a doctor in America but di two a dem love musicÉmi neva teach dem nothing bout music but dem just born wid it dem get di talent from mi,” Fada Style said.

He also said music lovers can expect to hear collaborations featuring his son.

“Me and Stein a guh duh a collab. Him always a sey him wah duh a collab wid mi and that when him guh Europe him a guh mek mi forward wid him, because him sey my type of music will get attention and love in Europe,” he said.

Stein said of his father.

“If him really love it and him know sey him waah dweet and him have the drive, him can dweet because a man has the right to pursue anything he wants to do once it is legal. Is a thing wey him love long time, so just to see him and him fren dem link up and a mek some music is a good vibe.”

Stein has hit singles like Shell Down The party and Wheel It Off produced by Chimney Records as well as Caliber and Rise Up Di Rifle Dem produced by Big Ship Records. Stein is also gearing up to release his debut album called All Or Nothing.

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