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BORN:10 Feb 1963
DIED :15 March 2011

David Victor Emmanuel , better known as Smiley Culture, was an English reggae singer and deejay known for his ‘fast chat’ style. London-born Reggae singer Smiley Culture died during a police raid last week.
According to BBC News, the reggae entertainer reportedly died of a suspected stab wound Tuesday when police officers raided his home in east Surrey.
Smiley Culture had been due to face trial next week having been charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine.

It is understood that the police officers who were present at the time of the incident will be investigated.
Smiley Culture’s biggest hit was his 1984 single ‘Police Officer’.
During a relatively brief period of fame and success, he produced two of the most critically acclaimed reggae singles of the 1980s. He died on 15 March 2011, aged 48, following a police raid on his home.

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