SINGER Alaine new album release today,plus europe summer tour

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SINGER Alaine is boldly declaring Ten of Hearts is her best work yet.

Released last Tuesday, the set boasts 14 tracks.

The singer shared the inspiration behind Ten of Hearts.

“I started writing music for this album 10 years ago. When I thought about it, I realised that I had been singing for 10 years, professionally, and primarily about love. But further investigation made me realise that 10 signifies completion of new beginnings and that kinda where I am in my life in terms of singing, songwriting and performing. This feels brand new and complete,” she explained.

For Ten of Hearts, Alaine has drawn on an impressive list of producers to bring about what she refers to as a multi-dimensional body of work which she says will surprise many of her listeners. Among the producers adding to the project are Shane Brown, Jordan McClure and David Hale for Chimney Records, Andrew ‘Anju Blaxx’ Myrie for UIM Records, Craig and David Harrisingh for Daseca Productions, Andre ‘DJ Frass’ Gordon, Tony Kelly and Dean Fraser.

“I get a great feeling when I listen back to this album. In the past, I have been accused of a sameness and predictability in my offering. There is nothing predictable about the tracks. I do the happy dance when I listen back and I am my biggest critic. I cover so many faces of love from the innocent on the track Favourite Boy to the sensual with Sugar Love, featuring Tarrus Riley. Then there are the real life experiences like the song Susanna, which was inspired by a young girl I met at the Maxfield Park Children’s Home who described the abuse meted out to her. I could not get her eyes out of my mind and wrote the song. It has been a journey and I am relieved, satisfied and anxious all at the same time now that it’s done,” she said.

Alaine admits that previously she was wearing many hats as it related to her career and, therefore, is excited about the team she has assembled to work with on this project.

Alaine (whose full name is Alaine Haughton) first came to prominence as appearing in a television commercial and even had a speaking role in the film Clara’s Heart starring Whoopi Goldberg.

Now being managed by Shane Brown of Jukeboxx Records, she is preparing from shows in the wider Caribbean and Europe to promote Ten of Hearts. But has a special love for her new-found market in East Africa.

“It is amazing the love they have for me in countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan. My last show in Uganda saw about 40,000 persons coming out to support me and I just love performing for them.”

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