Shauna Chin defends Gully Bop against drugs allegations

Shauna Chin defends Gully Bop against drugs allegations

After scathing remarks by his former booking agent, Heavy D, Gully Bop’s fiancé, Shauna Chin, is now seeking to set the record straight regarding Gully Bop’s alleged drug problem. Gully Bop released a video via social media, accusing his booking agent of robbing him.

“If me follow Heavy D, me end up back inna the gully. Me nuh want him or Nuffy near me. Them man deh a rob me. Same way them mash dung Tommy Lee (Sparta), a same way them want mash me dung,” Gully Bop stated.

However, in a media release, Heavy D countered these claims, stating that Gully Bop was out of control and almost impossible to work with. He also said he would no longer be working with Gully Bop.

“He does not want any agent fees or expenses to be deducted from income received. Sometimes I feel like we have another Whitney Houston case on our hands. Bop needs rehab and this is no joke,” the statement from Heavy D read.

Affect his visa Shauna Chin, however, vehemently denied these claims. She insisted that these allegations were only said to damage Gully Bop’s career. “I am Bop’s rehab. He has no drug problem. They want people to think he is a coke head, and that’s not true. They are only trying to take the heat off themselves. This can affect his visa, damage his career, etc.. It’s a lie and it hurt me really bad. Bop knows the type of person I am, he knows I don’t condone those things. He doesn’t wanna lose me, so he would not do that,” she stated.

Chin counter claims saying, Heavy D does not want them to see the contracts regarding the shows and that is where the problem lies. “If me and Gully Bop nuh get mad pon them, we nuh see the contracts. So we have trust issues with him. It’s almost as if they want to do their own thing and we must just accept it. Recently, a promoter told Gully Bop a figure that he had paid to book him and that was not the figure that Heavy D told us. We have even heard that they are overcharging for his dub plates,” she said.

Treated fairly She added that they have to take steps to ensure that Gully Bop is being treated fairly and getting the money he deserves. “They are saying that he gives his money to poor people, but Bop is a generous person. He knows what sufferation feels like, so he’s always trying to help people. The issue is that they want to call the shots. Is like dem feel say a dem a the artiste. We aren’t trying to damage anybody’s career, but right is right,” Chin says she will now step up to the plate.

“I have not seen any contracts for any of the upcoming shows, so I need to get those. Heavy D has paid me some deposit, but I haven’t seen the contracts to see what is what. I don’t have anything against them. I wish them all the best. Do good and good will follow, but do bad and crosses will tek you,” Chin said in reference to Heavy D.