Salute to Captain Barkey

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OCT 17st,2012

THE dancehall community is mourning the death of deejay Captain Barkey, who was allegedly murdered in the parking lot of a New York motel Saturday morning.

Captain Barkey — real name Wayne Hamilton — and his female companion Tracy Bennett were killed in an incident which is believed to have stemmed from a love triangle. Captain Barkey was 50 amd Bennett, 38.

For Barkey’s friends, his loss is hard to deal with.

“Jah know star, it grieve mi to know he was murdered in that way. It rough, especially as I never hear ’bout him an’ anybody inna argument yet,” said an emotional Cutty Ranks.

The deejay recalled Captain Barkey’s humour.

“He was always cracking jokes, dem youth deh neva inna any mix-up yet. Him a mi personal bredren and a miss him,” he said.

Deejay Daddy Lizard was also overwhelmed as he remembered the many early morning phone calls Barkey made to him.

“I don’t have any one o’clock again. Barkey would call mi and sey, ‘Jah know, mi have something new fi gi yuh’, an’ dat something would either be a joke or a new song. A feel it, a feel it bad.”

Veteran singer George Nooks said Barkey was like a brother.

“He was like a breath of fresh air, you’ll hear a joke a million times but when Captain Barkey tells it, it’s a different joke altogether,” said Nooks.

Supreme Promotions’ Isaiah Laing, who in the 1990s, helped to steer the careers of Captain Barkey and his deejay partner Wickerman, said the duo were a ‘fixture on Sting’, the annual Boxing Day show he promotes.

“They are like comedians. Most times they drop in at the office, I knew it was going to be pure joke. So, no matter how busy I was, I set aside time for them,” Laing said.

Laing said he often teased Barkey, a former Jamaica Defence Force member, that he was a ‘paper soldier’.

He recalled an incident in which Barkey was robbed, and even though he had his firearm he did not use it.

“I am going to miss him… condolences to his family.”

Barkey was best known for the hit songs Bun fi Bun and Go Go Wine. He and Wickerman were a team for over 20 years.

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