roman stewards

Born: May 11, 1957
Died: Jan 25, 2004

Roman’s career began in the early 70s. His breakthrough came in 1974 with the Festival winning ‘Hooray Festival’,
written by his brother Tinga.
Roman went on to record many great tunes for producers such as Phil Pratt, Linval Thompson and Everton Da Silva. Perhaps his best known tune is ‘Rice And Peas’, cut for Linval Thompson in 1979. Roman recorded over 70 singles, but only has a few albums to his name, including Running Away From Love and Wisdom Of Solomon. He also has an album of duets with his brother Tinga.
During a performance, he put the microphone down, complaining of chest pains. He later collapsed and was
rushed to hospital in a coma.
Stewart, who was known for his heavy drinking and substance abuse, went into a second coma and did not recover

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