Reggae Sumfest Kicks Off with Competitions

12 APRIL,2012

The promoters of Reggae Sumfest are pulling out all stops to ensure that this year’s staging surpasses everyone’s expectations.

The promoters of the internationally acclaimed event are taking on a slightly different path by setting the promotional phase of the festival into gear as early as this month.

Summerfest Productions recently revealed the newly generated competition. Executive Director, Johnny Gourzong explained “As it’s our 20th Birthday, we really wanted to involve our patrons in the behind the scenes preparations for the festival”.

To kick-start what will be a series of action packed festivities, Gourzong revealed three competitions scheduled to begin this week; including a Sumfest T-shirt design contest, a collector’s item poster design challenge and an official Reggae Sumfest Rhythm competition.

According to Gourzong, “These promotional contests will allow fans to take part in the production aspect of the festival and will ultimately determine the look and sound for this year’s staging”.

The poster contest will allow entrants to design a layout to be used on Reggae Sumfest artwork and kept as a collector’s item for years to come. The t-shirt competition will also appeal to the visually artistic fans, who will be required to create a t-shirt design to be worn by all Sumfest fans. Lastly, the Rhythm competition will allow contestants to create and produce the official Reggae Sumfest rhythm, which will be used in electronic advertising and given to local artistes to record on. Three winners will be selected from each contest and given an attractive compensation package. Winners will be chosen by public vote, another decision made by the Sumfest team as a means to involve Jamaican and international fans alike. In addition to these fantastic party starters, Sumfest promoters also divulged that this year, the Birthday celebrations would be extended to a full week of activities, and further advised that supporters should keep posted to the event’s Facebook and Twitter pages as a lot of promotional updates would be released there first. Reggae Sumfest is scheduled take place from July 15 – 21 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.