Reggae Artiste Sizzla says accident changed his life

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13 MARCH,2012

Internationally acclaimed Reggae singjay, Sizzla Kalonji continues to reflect on the accident that changed his life while seeking to return to full strength career wise.

Sizzla survived a near fatal motorcycle accident last August in St. Ann, suffering multiple broken bones as well as a ruptured liver. Since the crash, Sizzla has been recovering at home while slowly readjusting to the speed of the music business; releasing singles such as Mama Mek Mi Deh Yah So, None A Dat and So Lovely while unveiling his 67th studio album, The Chant last month.

Talking on Friday’s episode of TVJ’s Entertainment Report, Sizzla relented that the accident fully altered his focus in life.
“It’s a vivid experience. It drastically changed my life. Even though we know time is the master spanner, there is no time to waste. You just got to do what you doing now and make sure you doing good because it’s just love that had created us,” he said
Though he has little memory of the accident, Sizzla insists that he’s close to full strength.
“That’s based upon time enuh and Jah but I’m feeling well, I’m working a lot,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Reggae superstar addressed speculation over his inability to regain entry in to the United States and United Kingdom after concerns in both countries regarding controversial lyrics addressing homosexuality, amongst other things. But forgive Sizzla Kalonji if he isn’t eager to get back his visas in those respective countries, given that the impact of his positive messages is universal.
“I’m not really hoping to recover no visa; life is the visa. I’m here to do the works of Jah. So if I’m supposed to go to England to do the works of Jah and you are at the border and are gonna stop me, well you bear that judgement, I’m gonna find somewhere else to spread the message,” he said.

“I worry about when the kids can’t go the school and where they’re hungry and when the people calling me and telling me that they’re sick.”
Sizzla hopes to spread more of those messages when he performs live for the his first solo performance since his bike accident on March 18 at the Club Privelege in New Kingston. The event, Sizzla: Unplugged and Acoustics will feature Sizzla in a serene environment as he eases back into the fold; performing several of his hits songs alongside legendary Jamaican producers, Sly and Robbie, renowned violinist, Jessica Yap as well as a live choir.

“We just wanna get a lot of different musicians all together at once…Sizzla inspire the youths, the youths inspire Sizzla also. We wanna get the youths involved because it belongs to you.”

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