22 OCT,2011

The gunman responsible for the brutal killing of Thriller U’s daughter in a Miramar home in Florida more than two years ago is in police custody.

Music News understands that 33 year old Kevin Lavon Pratt will be charged for the horrific August 17, 2009 murders of a 49 year old woman, her 15 year old son and Thriller U’s 15 year old daughter.

The singer from the group L.U.S.T tells Music News that he’s leaving the island tomorrow for Miramar, Florida.

Thriller U’s wife Camille Hamilton who was the lone survivor of the attack, attended a news conference on Thursday where she expressed her gratitude to police for finding her daughter’s killer.

Police said dozens of items from the scene were tested for DNA. After a DNA match was made, Pratt was put in a lineup, where he was identified by Thriller U’s wife.

Miramar Police said the four victims were at home when they were approached by Pratt in the driveway. Pratt forced the group inside, demanded money and duct taped the hands of the victims. Pratt began shooting the four victims, execution-style before escaping with about $80US.

Though she was shot in the head, Camille Hamilton survived.

Police say Kevin Pratt was homeless and had spent his adult life in and out of jail on charges including armed robbery. He is currently in jail on fleeing charges related to a separate crime and was scheduled to be released later this month.