peter tosh

Born: Oct 19, 1944
Grange Hill,Westmoreland,Jamaica
Died: Sept 11, 1987

Hubert Winston McIntosh aka Peter Tosh one of the founding members of The Wailers, left the group in 1973 to embark on a successful solo career. Although he had cut solo tracks for Joe Gibbs and Coxsone Dodd, he became an international star when he signed up
with Virgin Records, releasing the albums ‘Legalize It’ and ‘Equal Rights’. On the Rolling Stones and EMI label he released a string of fine albums. On the evening of September 11, 1987, Peter Tosh was brutally murdered at his home in Barbican, Kingston by gunmen.
Also killed on that fateful night, was Wilton ‘Doc’ Brown,
a herbalist friend of Tosh.

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