Papa Biggy does Careless Fearless

22 NOV,2011

JAMAICA-BORN, American-based deejay Papa Biggy is to release a new single entitled Careless Fearless. The track features the talent of 10-year old singer, Nikia.

Papa Biggy, whose real name is Courtney Porteous, said he was moved to record this song after observing how lots of young men get into trouble and die leaving their families behind.

“Careless Fearless is an anti-violence tune. It speaks about a lot of what is happening in society today,” Papa Biggy said.

“You know a lot of guys are living carelessly running around living a life of crime. Sometimes they either end up in jail or dead, leaving their love ones behind to bear the pain and it’s especially hard on the kids, they leave behind.”

The artiste said he was very happy he was able to record the song with Nikia as she is very talented and easy to work with.

“It’s her first recording and she did really good on the tune. So far, everyone who has heard the song is very impressed. It’s a good tune; I think it’s going to do well once it gets the right airplay.”

The song will be released on Itunes and all other leading music download stores before the end of the month.

Papa Biggy first came to local prominence when his composition Falkland Crisis earned him a festival gold medal in 1982 and a Jamaica Cultural Development Commission scholarship. He migrated to the United States in 2001.