On the frontline with Scratchylus and Junior Reid

JAN 28TH,2013

BRITISH singjay Scratchylus and singer Junior Reid unite in song for the children with Dem Caan Visit The Frontline.

Scratchylus, a Londoner of Jamaican parentage, is excited about the project which he says is timely.
“What we are bringing forward in the song is that we have to protect the children and we must set better examples for them by establishing traditional values,” he told Splash.

According to him, the song has received “mad love” since it was recently posted on YouTube.

Co-produced by Reid’s One Blood Family and Bobby ‘Bobby Digital’ Dixon, the video for Dem Caan Visit The Frontline is being filmed in schools across Jamaica.

Reid also weighed in on the song.

“The Rastafarian way of life is all about love… and you can’t visit the frontline if you don’t have love,” he said.

Reid is also looking forward to the release of his new album, Junior Reid The Legend, which is slated to be out on April 16.