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Ninja Man to open Ochi Complex – Veteran artiste delves into business

NOV 20TH,2012

After confirming that this year will be his last Sting performance, the Don Gorgon Ninja Man is setting his sights on the opening of his new business venture.

On Saturday, Ninja Man is set to open The New Ninja Man Central Park Entertainment Centre and Sports Complex in Ocho Rios.

“Mi a businessman now. I am opening The New Ninja Man Central Park Entertainment Centre and Sports Complex in White River, right beside the Texaco gas station. A man and wife get the place and seh dem want me manage it, so we both finance it and we become business partners. It a open Saturday and a great tings a go happen dat night,” Ninja Man said.

The opening of The New Ninja Man complex will feature performances from Nitty Kutchie, Buru Banton, General Trees, Josey Wales, and Cocoa Tea.

“Mi and Cocoa Tea have an unfinished war so me know him a come back fi mi at the opening. Kilamanjaro a go deh deh also so there’s gonna be great things happening on that night cuz wi a real entertainer. Wi entertain people,” he said.

The entertainment complex will feature car wash services, a fry on Friday nights and a bikini car wash on Sundays. In addition, there are also plans to build a studio to facilitate artistes who want to record songs and perfect their craft.

“Trust me, The New Ninja Man Central Park Entertainment Centre and Sports Complex a guh bi one a di hottest spots inna Ochi. Mi aggo have a talent search every Thursday night wid a live band. Mi a look fi the baddest set a artiste from each parish and then wi aggo have a finale this year fi see who a di baddest new artiste fi di year. ”

Ninja Man went on to say that although every and anybody is welcome to host events at the complex, there will be a special rate for artistes and journalists who want to put on a party there.

“Mi aggo have a dancehall round robin wid other artistes and people can also book the complex fi keep dem party and ting but other artiste and journalists ting a go set different. Ninja Man a di real businessman. Dis entertainment complex a something really great fi the country. Mi want use this showground to turn over my legacy to younger youths and help build a new set of artistes.”

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