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22 OCT,2011

Ninja Man who was allegedly knocked unconscious by a prisoner has dropped the assault case.

The veteran dancehall deejay who was reportedly hit in the head with a stone hidden in a sock on August 3, told the Corporate Area R-M Court yesterday that he did not want to pursue the matter any further.

Ninja Man told the court that he wasn’t sure if it was the accused who directly threw the stone however, he had blamed him because he was the closest to him. The deejay also explained that he did not directly see the accused man throw the stone.

The incident took place at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre in Kingston after Ninja Man allegedly threw water in a TV set according to the accused.

Ninja Man is currently awaiting trial after being charged with murder along with his son and two others. The deejay has been behind bars since 2009.

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