Born: Dec 26, 1952

Mutabaruka (formerly Allan Hope) was born in Rae Town, Kingston on 26th December, 1952. His poems have given voice to a nation and helped forge an entirely new genre of music,
dub/rhythm poetry. Revolutionary, fiery, scathing, and stinging, Mutabaruka’s words are as potent on paper as on CD, and so the literary community needed
to create a new term just for his works
– meta-dub. Allan Hope first realized the power of the word when he was in his teens. In 1973, Hope formed the band Truth, his first attempt to combine his words with music. By now, the poet had converted to Rastafarianism and taken the name Mutabaruka. Not a word,
but a phrase, Mutabaruka comes from the Rwandan language and translates
as “one who is always victorious.”
From the very first beginning
Mutaburaka has delivered intelligent
and impassioned records and has managed to sound convincing in the nineties as well, which brought him notable success.

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