Mr. Vegas Puts Tainted House Up For Sale

NOV 30TH,2012

With imagery of a highly publicized off-stage incident still fresh in his mind, internationally regarded Dancehall superstar, Mr.Vegas seeks to eliminate some of that visual elements as the scene of said incident is now up for sale.

A month after Mr. Vegas allegedly caught his baby mama having sex with another man in front of his infant daughter, the Sweet Jamaica singer will sell the premises in which that act occurred. The Florida-based town-house, estimated at US$129,000, is up for grabs according to Mr. Vegas, who announced his decision to sell the property on Monday in a radio interview.
The house gained notoriety after pictures of the act were captured by hidden cameras inside the property, and later circulated on the internet. The photos not only showed Vegas’ ex-girlfriend getting it on with her lover in his bed, but also showed the singjay’s one and a half year old daughter wandering into the room, stumbling on their rendezvous.

According to Mr. Vegas, he has decided to sell his town-house given the negative energy felt while living there as well as ramifications of the cheating scandal that have remained with him ever since.
Nevertheless, Mr. Vegas has been using the experience as fodder for his music as he has penned two tracks since: Bare Tingz and Rise Again. Mr. Vegas unveiled the official video for Bare Tingz on Saturday, which features footage captured of the controversial saga.