Mr. Vegas Auctions Furniture From House of Infidelity

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JAN 07TH,2013

Mr. Vegas is auctioning off items from his infamous “house of infidelity” in Florida in a bid to get rid of the furniture tainted by his baby-mama and her lover.

Vegas says the profit made from the items sold during the auction which begins at $US9.99 will be donated to the Mustard Seed Communities.

Last year, Mr. Vegas was dogged by his baby-mama when she invited another man into the deejay’s crib for fun and games allegedly in the presence of their young daughter.

Subsequently, the deejay hurriedly put up the house for sale. The “For Sale” sign currently sits on the premises as there are no prospective buyers.

In relating news, Vegas is gearing up for the video release of the single Party Tun-up, the second track on his Sweet Jamaica album.

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