mickey dread

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Born: 1954
Port Antonio,Jamaica
Died: March 15, 2008

Michael ‘Mikey Dread’ Campbell started out as an engineer with the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC). He soon started his own radio program called Dread At The Controls, where he played nothing but reggae. Well-known for its fun and adventurous sonic style, Dread At The Controls became a hit all over Jamaica. By the time, Campbell had earned a solid reputation as a singer
and producer and began recording his own material. Distinctive albums such as Dread At The Controls, Evolutionary Rockers, and World War III all became favorites amongst reggae fans. His collaboration with producers King Tubby and Carlton Patterson stand out as some of the best work each party has done. Mikey also set up his Dread at the Controls label and worked successfully with the punkband The Clash. In Oct. 2007, it was announced that Campbell was being treated for a brain tumour.
He passed away on March 15 2008.

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