michael palmer

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Kingston | Jamaica

Another household name in the early
and mid 80’s dancehall / reggae era is Michael Palmer (also known as Palmer Dog in his early years). Palmer’s rich, honey-coated voice covers a lot of ground, from crisp, digitized Dancehall riddims to the smooth, laid-back Lovers Rock. Releasing albums like ‘Lick shot’ in 1982 and recording several albums for Channel One in the mid 80’s, he worked with great producers like prince Jammy, Jah Thomas and George Phang.
He recorded combination albums with artists like Kelly Ranks, Frankie Jones,
Triston Palma (‘Triston Palma meets Michael Palmer’, 1982-1984), Johnny Osbourne ( ‘Wicked’, 1985) , Frankie Paul (‘Double Trouble’, 1985) and
Half Pint on ‘Joint Favourites’ in 1986.

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