OCT 27th,2012

BOB Marley’s influence continues to be felt from beyond the grave.

In the latest Forbes compilation ranking dead celebrities and their earnings for the period October 2011-2012, Marley was placed in the number 5 spot.

He beat out other dead celebrities such as John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein.

Although Bob was not known for commercial ventures during his life, his brand has been diversified from beyond the grave.

Over the past 20 years Bob sold 75 million albums.

Below is the complete list of highest earning dead celebrities.

Elizabeth Taylor $210 million

Michael Jackson $145 million

Elvis Presley $55 million

Charles Schulz $37 million

Bob Marley $17 million

John Lennon $12 Million

Marilyn Monroe $10 Million

Albert Einstein, $10 Million

Dr Seuss, $9 Million

Steve McQueen, $8 Million

Bettie Page, $8 Million

Richard Rogers, $6 Million

George Harrison, $5.5 Million