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Born: Aug 3, 1964
Ermelo,South Africa
Died: Oct 18, 2007

Lucky Dube is one of South Africa’s best selling artists and one of its most outspoken performers. Although he initially sang in the traditional Zulu mbaganga style, his move to reggae in 1984 ( inspired by the controversal lyrics of Peter Tosh) was sparked by his quest to express his anger against the oppression of apartheid. Lucky Dube made a type of melodious, African reggae that slowly but surely has turned him into a superstar. He sang powerfully in English about social problems, the blacks’ struggle, and God’s greatness. With the song, ‘Together As One’, he became the first black artist in South Africa to be played on a white radio station. His albums, ‘Slave’ and ‘Prisoner’, both sold over 500,000 copies and are the best selling disks ever in South Africa. On October 18, 2007,
Lucky Dube was shot and killed during a car-jacking attempt in Johannesburg.

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