Lisa Hyper dubs herself ‘the Female Kartel’

06 APRIL,2012

Kingston, Jamaica) – I will thrive in Wisdom and Virtue and It Sticky Pan Them’ are Lisa Hyper life motto.

Lisa strives to prove that she is a lyrical force in this dancehall/reggae arena, she constantly surpasses herself and finds new and innovative way to deliver her music.

Lisa Hyper is all geared up and ready to make her mark in the music industry locally and internationally with the anticipated release of her Studio Album titled “D Rebirth”. She has been dubbed by many critics as the Female Kartel.

Lisa explains that “Before I did this song I had a recent interview on hype tv where Too Sweet talked about how it was spreading in the streets where people were saying I am the female Kartel”.

She comments further “Sometimes the way I write or the way I flow I hear him in me,so its quite evident to me that I am the female Kartel musically which is Lisa Lyper To be compared to him is a great deal to me because he is the best lyricist in dancehall right now, he is very persistent ,versatile and creative. I love the way he flows an put emphasis on each word”.

The single 876 Mhadd produced by Jam 2 is a counteraction to Nicki Minaj “That’s Why you mad”, it demonstrates her versatility and with her own words strives to prove why she is the Female Kartel. “Nikki Minaj is like a mentor for me through her Music. the first day I heard the song I just flipped it right away by saying me a di female Kartel yea mi start-well.” says Lisa, she adds “Someone here mi freestyling an thought it would be sick if I recorded the song.” “I really like her creativity jus the way how she intro the song and flow the song, I like to challenge my self and my creativity and it was a challenge to counter the song especially with a riddim so challenging an unique as well”.