Khalilah Rose is Reggae’s songbird.

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Khalilah Rose is Reggae’s songbird. This Roots & Culture Reggae artist surpasses any confines placed upon her genre; she soars along and continues to become a global presence. “Hail H.I.M.”, her international hit single stays atop the charts in several different countries. Africa, the cradle of civilization has enriched her Jamaican roots. If 
countryside Portland 

, or diligently working on uplifting music in Bull Bay, the hailed singer/songwriter’s creativity is reinforced with credible lyrics. And, though Khalilah has been blessed with life, health, and strength, the rising icon still experiences the human condition. Family, the nucleus of her world, at times brings stress, but is always there to demonstrate its support.

Unabashed candor envelopes her sincerity. Before continuing, Khalilah inhales a refreshing breath. A smile tugs the corners of her generous mouth, releasing it she continues, “With all honesty, one of my greatest motivations is my family. They want this just as much as I do. They can’t comprehend seeing Khalilah Rose without music; or, music without Khalilah Rose. So, as they see everything progress they keep pushing and inspiring me. They’re helping me so that my life can be balanced and I can keep pushing with the music…”
Khalilah Rose: That is something that has been a journey for myself. I had to break free from working with certain individuals, because they felt that I wasn’t sexy. That I wasn’t using sex to sell my music; people told me that I had to use sex to sell my music. [They told me that] I should look a certain way. They told me I should let my hair down. Most of these people were males who told me to this.

As a female that’s doing this, I’ve been through a lot. I just want to show everyone that you don’t have to look a certain way. As women, we don’t have to sell our bodies just so that we can sell a record. Knowing that, I’m keeping it in the forefront for everything. That keeps me going. Knowing that I’m not selling out my soul for any record, any popularity, or for any money.

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