JUNIOR Kelly plans to release his 10th album this month

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FEB 5TH,2013

JUNIOR Kelly plans to release his 10th album this month. Titled Piece of the Pie, it comes three years after Red Pond, his last full-length studio effort.

According to Kelly, Piece Of The Pie has 15 tracks produced locally and in Europe. The songs are a blend of hip-hop, dancehall and even some salsa. It includes combinations with Lion Face, Smiley and Mark Wonder. Some of the tracks have already been released by Al.Ta.Fa.An Records, a Jamaican company that has been around since 1996.

“For this album, we really took the time to put the songs together so they could tell a story. If you listen to each song going into the

next you can hear the storyline,” said Anthony Senior of Al.Ta.Fa.An Records.

Junior Kelly (real name Keith Morgan) released his first song, Over Her Body, nearly 30 years ago. However, it was not until 2002 that he got his break with the big hit single, Love So Nice.

The album of the same name, as well as songs like Black Am I and Take You There, helped Kelly establish a solid fan base, especially in Europe where he performs regularly.

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