johnny ringo

Born: 1961
Died: July 1, 2005

Johnny Ringo, was popularly known for his intelligent pronunciations and was described as having similar dj styles to that of the great General Echo. Johnny Ringo is known in the old dancehall school for songs such as ‘Bad bwoy
haffi fit’, ‘Push lady push’ and ‘Hot Number’. He has over 15 albums to his credit. Back in the days, he used to
Dj on sound systems like Gemini, lees Unlimited, Stereo One, Stereophonic, Volcano and killamanjaro. The veteran Dj spent most of the 80’s in the US. He returned to Jamaica in the early 90’s where he started recording, but soon realised that his era had passed so he started making a living cutting dub
plates for sound systems in Jamaica & abroad. He died on July 1st 2005 suffering from cocaine addiction.

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