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Born: July 11, 1947
Kingston | Jamaica

John Holt’s career began in a big way with the Rock Steady group The Paragons (The Paragons were originally Garth ‘Tyrone’ Evans, Bob Andy, Junior Menz, and Leroy Stamp.
In 1964 Stamp was replaced by John Holt and Howard Barret replaced Menz.) In 1968, Holt set off on a parallel solo career, recording for producers like Bunny Lee and Harry J. Jumping back and forth between Treasure Isle and Studio One, John Holt recorded nothing but quality hits. His best-known solo work is ‘1000 Volts of Holt’, an album of cover versions released in 1974. In a rather belated conversion, Holt admitted to his rastafarian beliefs and began growing dreadlocks. By 1982 he
released the classic album ‘Police in helicopter’. Holt managed, with ease, to reach the Dancehall audience with his combination of Roots music and superb covers for lovers.

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