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Born: 1943
Montego Bay,Jamaica
Died: Feb 21, 2008

Producer Joe Gibbs born Joel A. Gibson career spans a healthy chunk of Jamaica’s musical history. From the
early days of rocksteady to ’80s dancehall, Gibbs put together a slew of hits by such island stars as Pioneers, Dennis Brown, the Heptones, Culture (The 1977 Culture album Two Sevens Clash is probably Gibbs’ most internationally acclaimed production) Frankie Paul, and Nicky Thomas. Along with his contemporary, producer Bunny “Striker” Lee, Gibbs can lay claim to being one of the most important of Jamaica’s musical giants, due not only
to the fact he stayed active for such a lengthy amount of time, but also
because he was able to produce a consistent run of hits of the highest order. He revolutionised the dub sound and made it an international phenomenon.Gibbs died of a heart
attack on thursday feb 21 2008, at the age of 65.

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