Kris Jobson’s debut goes well

july 11th,2013

The cutting-edge single, which could best be described as island rock, is now available on iTunes and Amazon, and has received significant airplay after being downloaded by top radio DJs across Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Jobson, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, hails from a musical family. His uncle, Dickie Jobson, along with Chris Blackwell were the brains behind Island Records, the company many saw as responsible for the international success of Bob Marley and The Wailers.

Dickie Jobson also served as one-time manager for reggae icon Jimmy Cliff.

The early exposure to musical brilliance would provide a solid foundation for Jobson and give rise to his innate passion for music.

Say Yeah is a world beat, high-energy tune which draws on the influence of Jobson’s reggae roots, fused with the international sounds of reggaeton, light rock, and alternative.


Jobson says the single is definitely a ‘feel good’ type of music that has many world sounds which all can appreciate.

“My music takes the listener on a ride of the senses and emotions both through the imagery of the lyrics and the infectiousness of the melody and riffs. At the base of my lyrics there is a message of hope and personal strength that encourages solidarity and clarity of purpose, and celebrates the power of a sense of self and the power of choice,” noted Jobson.

Jobson believes he was destined to be an artiste and emigrated to the United States where he pursued an undergraduate degree at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Since then, he has been continuing his journey, travelling the globe to pursue his lifelong passion. He has lived and worked in many major cities across the world: New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Rome, Berlin, Cologne, Paris, and Zurich to name a few, absorbing the musical culture that each offers.

In addition to his talent as a singer/songwriter, dancer, actor, and model, Jobson has a penchant for languages and speaks fluent Italian and French.

He has performed onstage, in television, and in film as well as recorded original music throughout his career, and now he has sought to embark on a solo career.