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REGGAEHOLLAND is a music/promotion/management company based in Rotterdam Holland, promoting world music but specialized in reggae.


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Jah Son links with Liverpools player Daniel Sturridge to boost musical career


Even while Jason Scott was performing with the Ocho Rios high school band as a student, he was unsure of his future in the music business.

With constant urgings from his schoolmates, friends and relatives however, he decided to stick with the music and chose the name Jah Son, which is derived from his name, Jason.

Today, Jah Son is on the threshold of breaking into the international scene if his connections with Liverpool footballer Daniel Sturridge and his Sturridge Foundation are anything to go by.

“Right now I’m looking to do some work with the Sturridge Foundation,” Jah Son told Entertainment Avenue earlier this week, in between pouring red wine at a five-star occasion he was catering at as part of a team.

“They called me in the week and said they want to do some things, we actually have a few tracks that we have started working on already. Right now we’re looking forward to doing some great things before the year is done. Basically, they want to work with me career-wise, management and everything,” he said.

Sturridge Foundation charity event

This development follows his performance at the Sturridge Foundation charity event in Kingston earlier this year.

That performance was one of many that Jah Son has done relating to sports and football in particular.

“I’ve been on a few major shows like All Schools Beach Party in Ocho Rios, I’ve performed at the stadium during half time at football games, including Jamaica vs USA Under-17.”

Jah Son’s career has been simmering for a while. Tracks like Bounce, Get Crazy, Dream and Going for Mine have earned him some amount of following on social media, but the young artiste is yet to cement his name in the local music industry.

“I’ve been working hard on my career. The video for Bounce has been rotating on Hype TV and RE TV and I’ve done a few interviews; I did CVM at Sunrise and a few radio tours this year,” he said. “We have a song called Jamming, soon to be released, I premiered it on CVM at Sunrise just to tease the crowd, and from that alone, it’s been crazy feedback, so good things are coming,” he added.

Jah Son is a waiter by profession and has been in the industry even before he started taking the music seriously over five years ago.

Outside of music

“Outside of music, I do waitering, VIP, five-star waitering and dining service. It started from school days, doing it part-time as summer jobs, and after I left school, I started working in the hotels – Iberostar, Breezes, Grand Lido Braco, DeCameron, and then the Convention Centre in Montego Bay.

“But even while working in the hotels, everybody kept pushing me to do music, so I’m going ahead with the music, but I’m still doing this (waitering), because we have to have the bread and butter. And music is a long-term thing.”

In the short-term, however, the sing-jay hopes to boost his career significantly as of 2015.

“It’s a lot of work, but in terms of the knowledge I’ve gained so far, I am satisfied with my career. The knowledge I’ve gained has me on a more focused level and shows me the way forward. So 2015 should be a very good year for me, I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” said a confident sounding Jah Son.

“I talk with these people daily and we’re looking at doing a few projects starting this year, and I’m really looking forward to February 2015 when I’m supposed to be in England,” he added.

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