Industry Players Organize To Tackle Night Noise

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MAY 09TH,2013

Sound system owners, selectors, radio deejays, dancers, a few entertainers and promoters met on Sunday to discuss aspects of the night noise abatement act which is expected to take full effect according to police.

The initiative dubbed Save The Dancehall Movement was spearheaded by selector Ricky Trooper. Trooper tells Music News that the purpose of the gathering is to preserve the sound system culture.

Meanwhile, selector Foota Hype who describes the gathering as powerful, shares with Music News his theory as to why the music is getting a fight.

The meeting with members of the entertainment fraternity was arranged after the lawmen announced that they will put an end to all street dances operating without a permit and that the night noise abatement act will be thoroughly enforced. The commissioner of police also indicated that show promoters who book entertainers who are deemed a bad influence will be denied permits. Also, permits will not be granted for dances schedule for areas with a history of violence.

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