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Born: June 8, 1944
St. ThomasJamaica
Died: Nov 27, 1999

Roy Samuel Reid better known as I-Roy was a Jamaican DJ who had a very prolific career during the ’70s.
Deriving his name and to some extent
his style from U-Roy, Reid was also heavily influenced in his early career by Dennis Alcapone. With early recordings for Gussie Clarke, Glen Brown, Lee Perry and Bunny Lee, Reid established himself at the forefront of 1970’s reggae DJ’s. His debut album “Presenting I Roy” is considered a classic of its genre, and was followed up by a series of strong albums. In 1976, I Roy signed to Virgin Records with whom he would go on to release five albums.
Reggae’s move to the Dancehall era in the 1980’s saw I Roy’s popularity decline and although he continued to record,
his output was not of the standard that he had set in the previous decade.
He died in 1999 of heart failure in Kingston Jamaica.

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