hugh mundell

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Born: June 14, 1962
Died: 1983

With the tragic murder in 1983, reggae lost one of its most promising young performers. Hugh’s 1975 debut album, ‘Africa Must Be Free By 1983’,remains a classic roots reggae recording. Mundell was still a teenager when he teamed with influential producer Joe Gibbs. His first break came when he was hired as
a DJ for Augustus Pablo’s Rockers sound system. Mundell also recorded several 12″ singles as Jah Levi. In 1979, he took over the production of his own recordings and produced ‘Little’ Junior Reid’s debut album ‘Speak the Truth’. What seemed likely to be a brilliant career was cut short when Mundell was shot to death while driving with Junior Reid in Kingston, Jamaica in 1983. Accounts of the incident are muddled, some reporting that it was over an argument about a fridge, others that it was in revenge for a burglary, others
still that it was over a woman.

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