GOSPEL singer Carlene Davis is urging recent convert Lady Saw to surround herself with people of faith as she makes her journey into Christianity.

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Her advice comes on the heels of last Monday’s announcement that Saw (given name Marion Hall) was baptised, and cancelled her secular shows to become a servant of God.“Someone who is very close to her, who was there when it happened, sent us a message asking us to keep praying. For me, I can relate to where she’s at, and I understand the struggles she went through to come to this place. Being in the entertainment industry, I too felt that. I felt the calling and I kept stepping forward and then stepping back till in ‘96 when I was diagnosed with cancer. Everybody has a different situation that will bring them to that place. I just said ‘I am through with running’,” said Davis.In the 1980s and 1990s, Davis was known for songs such as Dial My Number, Old Friends Do and Going Down to Paradise. But her breast cancer diagnosis was a wake-up call. Davis told the Jamaica Observer that she has conversed with Lady Saw, who shared past encounters she had with God.“It is the Lord who draws all men unto Him, and as we continue to strip ourselves of ourselves, then the Holy spirit will step in and I believe this is what has happened to Marion,” said Davis. “I will just keep praying for her that she will not lose her faith and that God will provide spiritual men and women of integrity who will stand with her.”


Lady Saw has been a leading figure in dancehall music for over 25 years — known for lyrics and performances that were considered raunchy.

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