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Gays target Beenie’s concert

NOV 10TH,2012

ANOTHER gay rights group is targeting deejay Beenie Man. According to the times-standard.com website, the Queer Humboldt organisation in Trinidad, northern California has come out against his concert there tomorrow, but in a different way.

Times-standard.com quoted the group’s co-founder Todd Larsen as saying the show at the Olive Grove may have as many protesters as attendees.

“We are not trying to stop or block the concert. We are just trying to share love and to share education,” said Larsen.

The website reports that a group of gay activists in Humboldt County have been working since 2008 to educate the community on what Larsen refers to as “murder music”.

Larsen claims that some lyrics by dancehall artistes like Beenie Man and Capleton call for the murder of gays.

The gay rights community in northern California is among the most potent in the United States. In the past, they have protested shows by dancehall artistes, most notably Buju Banton.

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