garnet silk

Born: April 2, 1966
Died: Dec 10, 1994

Garnett Daymon Smith aka Garnett Silk started deejaying as a teenager, calling himself Little Bimbo. For Delroy Collins he recorded his first single, soon followed by sessions for King Tubby, Youth Promotion and King Jammy. He achieved success with his cuts for Courtney Cole, but his debut set ‘It’s Growing’ for Bobby Digital established him as a major roots artist. Reggae lovers everywhere hailed Garnett as the successor to Bob Marley. However the promising life and career came to an unexpected and abrupt end on Dec 10th, 1994. According to reports in the Jamaican press, Silk borrowed guns from his attorney after his home had been robbed. Someone was showing
Silk how to use or clean a gun when it accidentally discharged, the bullet struck a cooking gas cylinder which instantly exploded, killing Silk, his mother Teega, and severely burning 2 of his brothers.

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