Frankie Paul is dead

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SINGER Frankie Paul died at the University Hospital of the West Indies in St Andrew on Thursday night. He was 51.His sister, Trisha Clarke, confirmed his death.

“He died of kidney complications. He was receiving dialysis twice weekly,” she told the Jamaica Observer.

She also said the singer was admitted to the hospital from April and was in the Intensive Care Unit.

“When I saw him before he died, he wasn’t looking good and I was concerned he might not pull through,” she said.

“He died sometime after 10:00 pm on Thursday night.”

The singer, who had been ailing for some time, had one of his legs amputated in 2016.


According to Clarke, he ran up a hospital tab of close to $1.5 million.

The Observer contacted Frankie Campbell of the Jamaica Association of (JAVAA) and Jamaica Federation of Musicians (JFM) head, Desmond Young, to ascertain whether any assistance would be available to assist with his burial. However, they confirmed he was not a member of either organisation and therefore not eligible for funding from their insurance.

Born Paul Blake, Frankie Paul was born blind. He lived in the West African country of The Gambia since 1994. He returned to Jamaica late last year.

He is known for hits including Sara, Cassanova, I Know The Score, Worries In The Dance and P ass The Kushunpeng.

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