Feud over Sugar Minott’s Estate settled

Feud over Sugar Minott’s Estate settled

Maxine Stowe, the former wife of late reggae veteran Sugar Minott says the ongoing battle over Minott’s Estate has been settled.

Since his passing some eight years ago, the family has been determined to secure his musical legacy.

In a Music News exclusive, Maxine Stowe explains that Sugar Minott did not leave a will delegating how profits from his estate should be shared between his family members which created problems.

Despite the ongoing feud over the estate, Maxine Stowe says she will be working along with Sugar Minott’s daughter Pashon and other family members to ensure the Sugar Minott Celebrations are formerly established.

Sugar Minott’s eldest daughter Pashon who is currently in the United States was unavailable for a comment.

Following the settlement, Maxine Stowe now has access to Sugar Minott’s intellectual property, and his music.

Sugar Minott died in 2010.