• Date: October 10, 2013

Black Gandhi

World Sessions

Black Gandhi is a promising young reggae band from Barcelona with musical roots in the Spanish, French, and British Caribbean. With infectious rhythms and seductive melodies, the group sends a message of peace, love, and joy. ‘We like the idea of starting a butterfly effect of positivity, compromise, peace and enjoyment by playing our music and spreading the word of mouth.’ And it works: Black Gandhi shared the stage with artists such as Youssou N’dour, Kymani Marley, Ojos de Brujos and The Wailers, and has a firm fan-base in Europe. Their debut album Joy was welcomed by the press as a breath of fresh air; their second album Into Light was recently released. It promises to be a wonderful night where music and life are celebrated with great devotion.

Pay What You Want
Decide for yourself what you pay for the performance afterwards. Due to great interest, we recommend to reserve your ticket(s) via the button on the right or by phone 070-3637540.

from the press

“Black Gandhi play a rootsy, folky style of Reggae. . . They’re a tight band, they feel their music and . . . their melodies transcend the setting. . . Black Gandhi provide the fuel for a communal fire that is rarely seen . . .” (Adam Ashcroft, Rolling Stone Magazine Middle East)

“Black Gandhi clearly display their love of music and their own well-conceived philosophy.” (Florence Gagnon, Underground Musix News)

“. . . [An] uplifting, joyous live show . . .” (Global Souljah, Barcelona Valencia Connect)

The concert is a Pay What You Want-evening, which means that the public decides their own price.

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