early b,the doctor

Born: Feb, 1956/57
Died: Sept 11, 1994

Early B was an early dancehall reggae deejay whose lyrics had a ‘cultural’ bent, noted mainly in his hits ‘Visit of King Selassie’, ‘History of Jamaica’ and ‘Wheely Wheely’. Early B began his career in the early 1980’s deejaying exclusively for Killamanjaro sound system alongside his sparring partner Super Cat. Early B was a well-respected lyricist by the sound system deejay fraternity, possibly the best of the early-to-mid ’80s dancehall era. He recorded several albums during the mid-80s, which remain well-circulated in the digital age today. In 1994 he was tragically gunned down while onstage inside the Windsor Cricket Club in Boston.The dance was put on by deejay and close friend Brigadier Jerry, featuring JahLoveMuzik, the Twelve Tribes of Israel sound system from Jamaica. While rumours have circulated as to the reasoning behind the murder, his killers have never been found

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