Drake and PopCaan blast Mr. Vegas

Drake and PopCaan blast Mr. Vegas

Canadian rapper Drake and PopCaan have both responded to Mr. Vegas following his 8 minutes long video questioning Drake’s motives for not crediting the Jamaican acts sampled on his album.

On Sunday, Drake wrote on Instagram “Had to done off Vegas…Y fi di heads high.” Drake has also commented on a video aimed at Mr. Vegas on Popcaan’s Instagram page. The rapper wrote, “Wicked, wicked, Wicked…OVO Unruly same ting.”

Meanwhile, PopCaan has openly rejected Mr. Vegas’ assistance using a video to telling him he doesn’t need his help.

All this started after Mr. Vegas blasted rapper Drake calling him a fake. Vegas questioned why Drake didn’t give credit to the Jamaican entertainers after sampling their songs. Vegas is making reference to Beenie Man, PopCaan, and Serani who were all featured on Drake’s new album.

Serani and Beenie Man are yet to respond.